Bendorff Media Aps.

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Bendorff Media ApS, is a very experienced Production company with a long history. 

This company develloped from an old company founded in 1996 with Television produkction and Satellite transmissions as a speciality, and that is why we can call us a very experianced broadcast company in Denmark and Europe.

With our combined OB-truck and satellite uplink (SNG) we can produce and transmit from any kind of event, from News and Sports, and to events and big-screen projects, with a reasonable eye for the budget.

With the vision mixer we can produce HD og 4K,programming.Please get in touch with us, nothing is to small or to big, we are always ready for a dialog.


We offer:

 HD & SD Satellite up and downlink.

 HD and 4K Televison production

 Live streaming HD and 4K

 News and Sports Productions

 Small Teleport Services, fiber connection

 Events and bigscreen productions.

 Audio and video solutions for meetings and events.

One of our Specialities is SPORTS Productions.

For many years we have been producing sports for television, internet and big screens. With our SNG we have been producing and transmitting from small to big international sports events all over Europe. We produce in SD, HD and 4K.

Nogle af vore kunder:

Recent productions:
  • Sauerland Boxing event Germany.

    Womens football Wolfsburg.

    Mercedes Benz Kitesurf Worldcup

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